A moment at “ Aoao, one of the southernmost remote islands in Amami Archipelago ”

You could immures yourself in the lives of the simple island locals within the comfort of newly renovated whole house rental accommodation.
 “aoao” is located on the southernmost island of Amami Archipelago, with a population of only 73. 

Also, the island had received the “COOL JAPAN AWARD” for its coral stone wall, Hamaya island, and Sagari flower path. “COOL JAPAN AWARD” is an award given to wonderful Japanese places, cultures, and crafts chosen by 100 expats living in Japan.

and on top of that “aoao” is partly built and decorated with many of the “COOL JAPAN AWARD” products. 

So you will be able to spend your holiday on a very privet island surrounded by the bests of Japanese craftsmanship. 

“aoao” is the very first CJ CASA series, which is the integration of COOL JAPAN AWARD and accommodation service. 

We wish you to come to join us to enjoy this beautiful island while experiencing the bests of Japanese craftsmanship in this very privet island.